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Welcome to SBL Orthopedics

Sarah Bush Lincoln has 10 orthopedists on staff with a wide range of specialties and is quickly growing to meet the demands of community members and area high school athletes. Their practices also reach a large geographic area including Southern Illinois.

The Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedics and Sports Medicine facility is located in Prairie Pavilion 2 on the Sarah Bush Lincoln campus (1000 Health Center Dr., Mattoon). It is staffed by seven extremely skilled surgeons: Eric Brewer, DO, Michael Chioffe, MD, James Kohlmann, MD, Louis Mendella, DO, Donald M. Sandercock, II, DO, FAOAO, and Jeremy Stevens, MD. All are board certified.

The Sarah Bush Lincoln Bonutti Clinic is home to five innovative and skilled orthopedists and an occupational medicine clinic. The clinic, located at 1303 Evergreen Ave., Effingham, serves the southern region. Orthopedic Surgeons include Joseph Ajdinovich, MD, Peter Bonutti, MD, FACS, FAAOS, FAANA, Timothy Gray, MD, FAAOS, Frank Lee, MD, FAAOS, and Did Omiyi, MD, FAAOS.

The clinics treat a wide variety of orthopedic issues and routinely performs procedures on shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and hips, sets broken bones and follows their patients through rehab. Our certified athletic trainers and physical therapy staff members at both clinics work together to provide expertise on the side lines and in the weight rooms in an effort to prevent, minimize and eliminate injuries.

Sarah Bush Lincoln has invested in equipment and staff to help area athletes regain their strength and return to their games. Our athletic trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainer’s Board of Certification, and are members of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association. Through this association and continuing education, they stay ahead of the trends. Their love of sports and standard of ethics make them great role models to the students with whom they work. For more information about Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedics and Sports Medicine call 217-238-3435 or Sarah Bush Lincoln Bonutti Clinic call 217-342-3400.