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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

“Dr. Bonutti is the best, with over 250 US Patents and 90 more pending. He is such a nice person too boot. I had my partial knee Monday Aug.21st and I’m already walking around and doing laundry making coffee and tea. Even with my nerve block wearing off there is not much pain. I always recommend him to all of my friends and I listed him to all of my “Facebook” frinds as well. I will always use Dr.Bonutti for all of my Orthopedic needs. ”

~ William, partial knee replacement

“I’ve been riding horses since I was two years old; it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. At my age, I would not have had to have the knee surgery if I didn’t have the lifestyle I chose. Horse riding is a big deal in my life - being able to clean stalls, ride a horse and teach riding lessons on a daily basis is important to me.

Previously, I had tried doing injections to help with the pain. It would help cushion the knee joint and provide some relief, but - even after the injections - I was still having pain in both of my knees. Dr. Rudert said I would need to go through surgery. I’m a very independent woman and to not be able to take care of myself was going to be a hard thing to do (I don’t think he knew what type of lifestyle I had!). I needed to lift 40 pounds over my head and wanted to know what my restrictions were. Dr. Omiyi said as soon as I could walk without a walker, I could saddle a horse.

Within six days of surgery, I walked half a mile; it was truly amazing that I could walk that far with little to no pain! Within 12 days of surgery, I was riding my horse. I had both feet in the stirrups, which puts my knees at a 90 degree angle. My left knee felt great, but the right knee had a little discomfort. I rode for 20 minutes and then walked it off. After that, I got right back on the horse - and my knee felt better than before.

Staying mobile, bending and keeping up with my exercises was the key to a fast recovery. I don’t want women or other people to get in bad shape and dread the surgery because it doesn’t have to be that way,

Before I went through surgery with Dr. Omiyi, I tried arthroscopic surgery at another facility and didn’t have a good experience. I was out for a total of six weeks. There is just no comparison to the MAKO robot. Unless you have been through it and had an experience like I’ve had, I don’t think you could comprehend what benefits it has.”

~ Penny B., two partial knee replacements

“I have seen 2 physicians at the clinic. The summer of 2016 I broke my foot. Dr. Lee did the surgery. He was a very kind, caring man. All went well and I was back to walking at my usual pace in no time.

I have been seeing Dr. Omiyi for the past year for severe pain in my right knee. I am putting off joint replacement for know do to other medical problems. Dr. Omiyi has such great beside manner. I really feel like he cares about what happens to me and that my pain is controlled. He always answers all my questions.

All the staff at Bonutti clinic have been welcoming and helpful. I would highly recommend them.”

~ Janet, injections for DJD knee

“I am 1 year post a right total hip replacement performed by Dr. Bonutti. I traveled 110 miles to be seen at Bonutti Clinic by Dr. Bonutti because he is the BEST! Our son is a physical therapist and he said this is where I needed to come for the best treatment and recovery. He said it is better than anywhere. When I called to make my appointment at Bonutti Clinic, they suggested I see Dr. Bonuttiâs physician assistant first and then if needed to I would be scheduled with Dr. Bonutti. I can say that seeing the physician assistant first was a really good experience. Nick Williams, Dr. Bonuttiâs physician assistant, was very helpful and knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with my overall experience, from my first visit with Nick to my visit with Dr. Bonutti to my surgery at the hospital and to now where I am 1 year post my surgery for my hip.I listened to the instructions of what to do and what not to do and believe it or not I never had a day of therapy after my hip replacement. I never met a single person the whole time I was in Effingham for this treatment that had an attitude or anything other than they were here to take care of me, meet my needs and help me. I had a wonderful experience the whole time! I told Dr. Bonutti today, you are an Excellent Surgeon or I wouldnât have come this far. But my opinion and what I have seen from the people here, I think you are an even Better Person!”

~ Don Smith, right total hip replacement

“I would like to thank Dr Omiyi for the care I have received, he gave me my life back.The staff at the Bonutti clinic are very kind and helpful, It has been a good experience.I am only two and a half weeks out of surgery and doing great.Thank you again Dr Omiyi”

~ Benny Davison, hip replacement

“Had left hip done May 13 2015 Had 2nd hip done July 29th
Doing GR8 no problems feel gr8

Thanks To all

Had Knees done in 1998 & 2000 No problems ( Well Done DR. ) ”

~ Jim Huntington, 2 new hips

“Dr. Rudert - Thank you for the Excellent Care. My hip feels great already. Let me know if you ever plan to retire so I can get all my joints injected.

P.S. Your staff is Super also!”

~ JG, hip injection

“Dr. Bonutti
I wanted to thank you for working on me many years ago. You did both of my shoulders. I asked “can’t you just do them at the same time?” you told me, “How will take care of yourself?” LOL. My shoulders are doing great. You did the surgery about 16 years ago. Thank you for healing me. Keep up the good work. You rock. Hope you are enjoying life as much as I am. May God bless you and your family doc. ”

~ R.N., Shoulder surgery

“I wanted to pass on some kind words from a couple patients I visited with this morning. Both had knee replacement surgery yesterday by Dr. Omiyi. They absolutely LOVED him. One said she was hoping to have Dr. Bonutti do her surgery, but because of the time off work she had scheduled, she ended up having Dr. Omiyi do the surgery and sheâs very happy she did. They had very positive comments about your clinic and the hospital.

I am hearing more and more comments like this about Dr. Omiyi. One patient last week told me that she told Dr. Omiyi the day following her surgery that she felt better than she had in 20 years and that she was so happy, she could just hug him . . . . . . so he bent over and let her hug him!!! He has a great rapport with his patients and their family members and they tell me about him often!.... ”

~ Anonymous, knee replacement

“Kudos to PA Nick Williams. Today I took my son, Brandon Brown, to see him.

This review is not about the medical treatment Brandon received but the professional etiquette used. Brandon is an adult with Down Syndrome. Often times medical personnel will neglect to speak to him and look at me for the answers. I appreciate the attention Nick gave to his patient.

Thank you, Bonnie Gerkin

~ Bonnie Gerkin, Foot Pain on my son

“Dr. Bonutti, Ten years ago, you changed my quality of life by replacing both of my knees. I was in constant pain while walking before they were replaced. I have had no problems with them since. I am 75 years old. I can do all of my housework and help with all the yard work, mowing, spraying, trimming and weeding. We have a 3 acre yard and pond. I love walking around the yard and pond. You do such wonderful work and it is so important to the world. I celebrate the anniversary every year of my knee replacements. Thank you so much and my family thanks you. Keep up the good work. You did a knee replacement on my husband last Fall. He is doing great. Thank you for his knee replacement.

With Much Thanks and Admiration!”

~ J.T., bilateral knee replacements

“Dr. Didi E. Omiyi and his Nurse are the best of the best, I am a disabled Vet and they work with the VA. I really enjoy my appointments they thuly care. I’m healing well and my PT is awesome with Biomax, Lindell Richards my PT and Brittany my PTA are doing great with putting me back on track. The ortho nurses are the Tops, Thank you Lisa for being there for us. I recomend Bonutti Clinic 100%. I was concerned about the pain management because I have a low pain thresh hold, Dont worry these professionals have your back! I cant wait until I get my left knee done, It will be awesome to get my life back. Thank You Bonutti Clinic”

~ Michael Handlin, total knee replacement

“Dear Mr. Boris Bonutti and Dr. Peter Bonutti:

Surgery and physical therapy are never pleasant experiences for anyone. I know this for a fact because I just had back surgery in May followed by physical therapy that is ongoing. However, the experience I had with the Bonutti Clinic and Biomax made the entire process much easier to cope with. Everyone I came in contact with at your clinic was courteous, professional, and helpful. This includes the secretaries, nurses, and the MRI staff.

A person my say that all of these people are “doing their job”. I see It as a passion for helping people and letting them know that they sincerely care about their patients. I know it is asking a lot from you, but I would personally appreciate if you would commend these people for going the limit for me and I am sure their other patients. Please feel free to forward this letter or copy it for other people. It is the least I can do for them as they gave me my quality of life back. With my Sincere Appreciation.”

~ T Finley, back surgery

“I just wanted to let you know about the great compliments I continue to hear from our patients about Dr. Bonutti & Nick.

I see a lot of patients who come here from southern Illinois and they are all very complimentary of the promptness and professionalism in your office, of the great âteamworkâ they see between Dr. Bonutti and Nick, and the great care they receive and experience they have here at the hospital when they have their surgery.

They always are telling me that they tell âeverybodyâ they know to come to Effingham to have their knee surgery!!!

I wanted to share this with you because I hear it consistently and so Iâm happy to pass along our patientsâ kind words because they are about your office too!

Please share with Dr. Bonutti and Nick - - - - as I have said before, the patients think they are AWESOME!

~ Anonymous, no treatment

“Dr. Bonutti, I am celebrating the new life you gave me 12 years ago when you replaced both of my knees. I am 77 years old. I can walk normally which is so important to my way of life. I help my husband with all the outside yard work and do all of my own cleaning and cooking. You do such good work and are a credit to our community and to all of your patients. I recommend you to anyone who needs your services. My husband took my recommendation and had one of his knees replaced years ago. He is just as pleased with your work as I am.

I thank you so much and my family thanks you. Keep up your good work.”

~ J. Kaye Tyler, knee replacements